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The Audio Engineering SocietyNational Association of BroadcastersSociety of Motion Picture and Televison EngineersAssociaton of Professional Recording ServicesAmerican Society of Test EngineersSociety of Professional Audio Recording ServicesSociety of Broadcast EngineersOrganization Links
The Audio Engineering Society
-The Audio Engineering Society, now in its fifth decade, is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology.
National Association of Broadcasters
-NAB exists to proactively and vigilantly advance the rights and interests of free, over-the-air radio and television broadcasters.
Society of Motion Picture and Televison Engineers
-Founded in 1916 to advance theory and development in the motion imaging field. Today, as the leading technical society for the motion imaging industry, SMPTE provides its members many benefits.
American Society of Test Engineers
-A centralized forum for test professionals to publish test related articles of interest, organize technical group meetings, present new test related products and services.
Association of Professional Recording Services
- Its primary aim is to develop and maintain excellence at all levels within the UK's audio industry.
Society of Professional Audio Recording Services
-SPARS’ mission statement continues to emphasize the core values guiding our commitment to sharing practical, “hands-on” business information about facility ownership, management and operations.
The Society of Broadcast Engineers
- The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) is the only organization devoted to the advancement of all levels and types of broadcast engineering
Reference Materials
refs Tangible Technology Center

- Eddie Ciletti, AKA Eddie Audio provides information, training and service for digital audio tape machines.

Seneschal New Media Services

- Oliver Masciarotte's Information Annex

Digital Domain

- Bob Katz provides a wealth of information and
    solutions for digital audio

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Bag End
Grimm Audio
Metric Halo
Prism Sound
Rorke Data
Sonic Studio