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  • 2500 - Stereo Bus Compressor
  • 3124+ - 4-channel Mic/Line Pre
  • 3124MB+ - 4-channel M/L Pre with Mixer
  • 5500 - Dual Equalizer
  • 7600 - Input Module
  • 7800 - Master Control Module
  • 8200 - Aux Mixer
  • 8200A - Line Mixer
  • 7600
    Discrete 4 Buss Channel Strip: 212, 550A and 225

    API 7600 Discrete 4 Buss Channel Strip

    The API 7600 Input Module offers studios of all sizes a whole new range of options without sacrificing quality. The 7600 strip forms the basis of a build-as-you-need-it, high quality recording console. It is the perfect choice for project studios who want high performance console sound, but have limited channel needs or budget constraints, and professional studios that want to add more channels to their existing desk through the addition of a side car.

    The API 7600 fits into one rack space unit and it includes a genuine API mic pre, a compressor and a real 550A EQ right out of the glory days of rock 'n roll. The 7600 mic pre is the same 212L mic pre used in the Legacy Consoles. The EQ is an exact re-issue of the famed 550A, offering 3 bands of EQ with 7 frequency choices per band. The compressor is the 225L, the same one found in the all-discrete Legacy Console currently in production.

    The 7600 comes complete with an internal power supply, and is the basis for building a 4, 8, or 16 channel professional sounding API console.

    API 2520 Op-Amp
    API 212L Mic Preamp, 225L Compressor
    Re-issue of the famed 550A EQ
    Four Aux sends, Pre or Post fader assignable
    Stereo bus with internal rotary fader
    Solo, SIP, Mute, Insert, Polarity, and Compressor Link
    Complete patching facilities on rear panel
    External fader jack
    Three 7 segment LED VU displays
    Output clips at +30 dBm
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