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  • 2500 - Stereo Bus Compressor
  • 3124+ - 4-channel Mic/Line Pre
  • 3124MB+ - 4-channel M/L Pre with Mixer
  • 5500 - Dual Equalizer
  • 7600 - Input Module
  • 7800 - Master Control Module
  • 8200 - Aux Mixer
  • 8200A - Line Mixer
  • 8200
    Discrete 8 Channel Summing Mixer

    Discrete 8 Channel Summing Mixer

    The 8200 8 Channel Line Mixer allows you to mix with genuine API circuitry. It works with the 7600 and 7800 to form a custom sized, easily expandable console configuration. The 8200 provides 8 inputs in one rack space and features a level control, a Panner and 2 Aux sends per channel. Each channel has a balanced input and conveniently switchable insert, Mute and Solo switches, making this the perfect mixer for any line level application. Requires a 7800 Master Controller.

    Mix Module

    Discrete 8 Channel Summing Mixer

    The 8200A is an eight channel line level mixer with stereo summing. It is a stand alone unit and can be combined with multiple 8200's. The 8200A features a summed, stereo, balanced XLR output using standard API output transformers and genuine API 2520's.

    The 8200A provides 8 inputs in one rack space with each channel featuring a level control, panner and two Aux Sends per channel. Additionally, each channel has a balanced input, switchable insert, mute and solo. This makes the 8200A an excellent choice for any line level application. Includes the L100 Power Supply.

    8 Inputs
    2 Aux Sends
    Level Control
    D-sub Interface
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