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8-Channel Microphone Preamp/Mixer

The 8MX2 is an essential companion for any of today's digital multitrack systems. It offers 8 of the proprietary ATI High Voltage mic-preamps in a single rack space, and a stereo mix buss with full monitoring capabilities. Each channel also has a variable threshold limiter as well as full cueing capabilities with metering of level and limiter attenuation.



8 of the ATI Signature High-Voltage Mic Preamps, each with:

  • 41 position detented trim control
  • 41 position detented adjustable limiter
  • 41 position Mix level pot
  • Pan pot
  • 48V Phantom power switiching
  • Phase inverting switch
  • Ground lift switch
  • Mix Assign/Mute Switch
  • Multipin output of the 8 mic preamps to directly feed a digital multitrack machine
  • Multipin input to the 8 line returns to monitor or mix the tracks of a digital multitrack machine
  • Stereo Mix Buss
  • Comprehensive cue system allowing Input, Pre/Post Limiter or Line return monitoring as well as Limiter attenuation
  • All Outputs Fully Balanced
  • 9 pin Master/Slave ports for multiple unit connection of the Cue and Mix busses
  • 41 position Mix Master pot with balance control
  • Front Panel Headphone and Rear panel Monitor/Cue output
  • Rear panel 2 track returns, which can be board level jumpered to be used as effects returns to the Mix L/R buss
  • Durable Anodized finish
  • Occupies only 1 Rack Space
  • channel1
    Frequency Response: +0/-1 dB, 10Hz-50kHz
    Gain Structure:
  • 20dB headroom throughout
  • THD+N 0.008%, 20Hz-20kHz, at +4dBm
  • Clipping Level- All Stages: +24dBm
  • Total Voltage Gain: 65dB at Channel Out
  • Hum and Noise: (20kHz Bandwidth)
  • -132 dBm E.I.N. (shorted input)
  • -129 dBm E.I.N. (150 ohm source)
  • -86 dBm residual output noise
  • Input Preamp/Trim Control:
  • Proprietary High Voltage Preamp
  • Adjustable Gain 0-65dB, single control
  • (no pad required)
  • 41 Pos. Detented gain control
  • Constant Input Impedance: 4K ohms
  • Better than 0.008% THD+N at +60dB gain
  • CMR>80 dB, no trimming required
  • RMS level display- 30 dB range
  • Phantom Power +48 volts
  • Limiter:
  • RMS Level Detection
  • Threshold: +4dBm to +24dBm (Out)
  • Ratio: Infinity:1
  • Gain Reduction Display, 20 dB range
  • Input:XLR-type 3 pin (pin 2 High)
    2-T Ret., Mix &Mon. Outputs:1/4 in. (63mm)phone jacks
    Multitrack Inputs and Outputs:2 Multipin female DB25 connectors
    Multiple-unit connectors:2 Multipin female DB9 connectors
    AC Input:Fused, Voltage Selectable
    AC Line cord: IEC type, Detachable
    Dimensions:1RU, 1-3/4" x 19" (44mm x 483mm)
    11" depth behind front panel (280mm)
    Weight:10 Lbs. (4.5Kg)
    Electrical Requirements:100-120/220-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, <60 watts