• Subwoofers
  • Bass Management Processors
  • Time-Align™ Studio Monitors
  • INFRA Powered Subwoofers
  • Infrasub-12 - 400W Powered Subwoofer; 12"
  • Infrasub-18 - 400W Powered Subwoofer; 18"

  • Infra MXB - INFRA Integrator
  • Stereo Hi-Pass/Mono Sum
    8/18 Hz INFRA dual integrator
    INFRA Dynamic Filter
    Balanced inputs and balanced outputs
    Convenient front panel controls
    INFRA Series Subwoofers
  • D Series - Dual Cone, 10, 12, 18"
  • S-Series - Single Cone, 10, 12, 18"
  • Bag End Subwoofers
    Time-Align™ Monitors
  • MM-8 - Medium Throw Full Range
  • MM-8H - Medium Throw Full Range

  • MM8_sm

    about the company

    During the past quarter of a century, Bag End, the Barrington, IL., loudspeaker manufacturer has established an enviable reputation among performing artists, recording studios, post-production facilities and sound reinforcement companies alike for extremely high quality loudspeaker systems and components that can be found in all corners of the globe.

    They offer high quality, well-manufactured products with more sophisticated components than you'll find in speakers mass-produced by the larger manufacturers.

    . . . Their cabinets are well-crafted and have staying power.”