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  • USB-241

  • Mac KVM Extenders.
  • CAT5-1000 - USB/VGA Extender
  • CAT5-5000 - Dual USB/VGA Extender

  • USB Systems
  • USB-100 - Extends up to 330 feet via CAT5
  • USB-200 - CAT5 Extender with 2 port HUB
  • USB-400 - CAT5 Extender with 4 port HUB
  • USB-500 - Fibre Optic I/F with 4 port HUB
  • CAT5•5000
    Extend two monitors, USB, and Audio with 2x CAT-5 cables
    up to 330 feet away from your computer.

    CAT5-5000 Rear Panel
    video amplifier bandwidth:350 mhz
    monitor connection:hd-15
    brightness adjustment:nominal
    usb connection:type b (sender)
    usb connection:type a (receiver)
    audio signal:mini stereo
    CAT5 connector:rj-45
    power consumption:15 watts (max.)
    power supply:external 12 vac 1.5a
    2x external 17 vac .7a
    CAT5-5000s dimensions:16”w x 1 3/4”h x 4”d
    CAT5-5000r dimensions:8”w x 1 3/4”h x 4”d
    shipping weight:13 lbs.
    How it works:
  • The CAT5-5000s - Send Unit sits next to your computer. Cables supplied with the CAT5-5000 package connect your CPU to the Send Unit.
  • The CAT5-5000r - Receive Unit sits next to the monitors, keyboard and mouse - up to 330 feet away.
  • Two monitors, keyboard and mouse plug into the back of the CAT5-5000r Receive Unit. CAT5 extension cables, up to 330 feet long, connect the CAT5-5000 Send and the CAT5-5000 Receive Units to each other.
  • The CAT5-5000 uses "Extreme USB" technology by Icron Systems Inc.
  • Features:
    extends two monitors and usb using cat-5 cables
    saves money on cable and hardware costs
    saves space on your desktop
    convenient, flexible and expandable
    eliminates computer noise where you work
    maintains 1920 x 1200 x 75 resolution video
    support any type of crt or lcd analog monitor
    ideal for mac or pc computers using usb for peripherals
    extends audio for multimedia applications
    rack mountable