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    Extend Flat Panel Displays up to 330 ft.
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  • DVI HubModular 200 Series
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  • Fiber Optic System for DVI
    Extend DVI Displays up to 1640 feetModular 200 Series
  • DVI-1000ST - Optical DVI Extender
  • DVI to ADC converter allows extension up to 75ft.

    The DVI to ADC Conversion Box not only connects your Apple flat panel display to your DVI equipped computer, it extends that display up to 75 feet from your computer. It also enables you to add a second flat panel display to your workstation provided you have a second DVI card installed.

    DVI to ADC Conversion BoxOthers
    Extension of ADC up to 75ftNo extension capability
    No loss of pixelsSome pixel loss
    Active circuit stabilityPassive cable
    Variable DVI cable lengthNo extension capability
    Apple universal power supplyApple universal power supply
    Ideal for:
    Works with any DVI-equipped computer Mac or PC
    Supports Apple's complete family of flat panel displays
    Lightweight, discreet box
    Universal power supply
    Plug and play
    The package includes:
    6' USB cable (A-B)
    6' DVI-D cable (M-M)
    Apple universal power supply
    DVI to ADC Conversion Box