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    Gefen DVI Repeater

    The ex•tend•it DVI Repeater extends the length of any DVI cable by regenerating the DVI signal before it outputs to the DVI monitor or projector. The DVI Repeater enables you to relocate your computer to a quiet and clutter-free environment.

    Place your DVI monitor or projector as far as you need it to go. One side of the ex•tend•it DVI Repeater is connected to a long DVI (male to male) cable, which is connected to the computer's DVI graphics card. The DVI monitor or projector is placed next to the DVI Repeater and connected to the DVI Repeater's output.

    Recommended Installations for DVI Repeater
    Resolution Maximum distance
    with copper cable
    Maximum distance with
    copper cable + repeater
    Maximum distance
    with fiber-optic cable
    1024 x 768 75 feet (2 cables) 150 feet * (3 repeaters) 1640 feet
    1280 x 1024 50 feet 100 feet** (2 repeaters) 1640 feet
    1600 x 1024 30 feet 60 feet 1640 feet
    1600 x 1200 25 feet 50 feet 1640 feet
    1920 x 1200 15 feet 30 feet 1640 feet

    * - The 150 foot DVI copper extension is based on the combination of three 50 foot DVI copper cables and DVI Repeaters.
    ** - The 100 foot DVI copper extension is based on the combination of two 50 foot DVI copper cables and DVI Repeaters.

    Connect DVI graphic cards (AGP or PCI bus) to DVI compatible monitors or projectors
    Maintains highest DVI single link video resolution
    Supports Apple Flat Panel Displays
    Supports DDWG std. for DVI compliant monitors
    Installs in minutes
    Package Includes:
    the DVI Repeater
    One 6ft DVI cable
    One 5v Power Supply