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  • Keyboard & Video Extenders
  • CPU Switchers
  • USB-241

  • Mac keyboard, video and mouse extenders.
  • CAT5-1000 - USB/VGA Extender
  • CAT5-5000 - Dual USB/VGA Extender
  • USB Systems
  • USB-100 - Extends up to 330 feet via CAT5
  • USB-200 - CAT5 Extender with 2 port HUB
  • USB-400 - CAT5 Extender with 4 port HUB
  • USB-500 - Fibre Optic I/F with 4 port HUB
  • USB-200 Extends any USB device up to 330 feet away
    from the computer with built-in 2 port HUB.
    The ex•tend•it USB-200 extends any USB device including keyboard and mouse up to 330 feet away from the location of your computer, eliminating the 17.5 feet distance limitation of USB. The USB-200 also includes a remote 2 port USB HUB. ex•tend•it USB-200 send and receive units use "Extreme USB" technology.
    How it works:
    The ex•tend•it USB-200 send unitGefen USB-200 is placed next to the computer. A USB cable connects the computer to the ex•tend•it USB-200 send unit. A category-5 (CAT-5) cable is used to link the USB-200S send unit to the USB-200R receive unit with HUB. The extended USB devices are connected to the USB-200R unit.
    Package Includes:
  • USB-200S Send Unit
  • USB-200R Receive Unit
  • One 6ft A to B USB cable
  • One 5v Power Supply

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