Genelec Monitors
  • Self-powered Studio Reference Monitors And Subwoofers
  • Active Compact Monitors
  • Genelec 6010 NEW6010A- Bi-Amplified Ultra Compact
  • 8020B
  • 8030A
  • 8040A
  • 8050A

  • 8130A - Digital Monitors

  • Control Room Monitoring
    2-Way Active Monitors
  • 1032A - Medium Format
  • 3-Way Active Monitors
  • 1037C - Medium Format
  • 1038B - Large Format
  • 1038BC - Dedicated Center
  • 1038CF - Large Format
  • LSE Series Subwoofers
  • 7050B - Active Subwoofer - 8"
  • 7060A - Active Subwoofer - 10"
  • 7070A - Active Subwoofer - 12"
  • 7071A - Active Subwoofer - 2x 12"
  • 7073A - Active Subwoofer - 4x 12"
  • Genelec LSE Subwoofers

    All LSE subwoofers include Genelec's versatile bass management system for optimum surround or stereo monitor integration.

    DSP Compact MonitoringGenelec SE DSP System
  • 8240A
  • 8250A
  • 8260A

  • DSP Subwoofers
  • 7260A - Active DSP Subwoofer - 10"
  • 7270A - Active DSP Subwoofer - 12"
  • 7271A - Active DSP Subwoofer - 2x 12"

  • Genelec DSP Subwoofers
    Small Environment DSP System

  • SE™ DSP System
  • contactstudio

    about the company

    Since it's founding in 1978 Genelec, a Finnish company, has been dedicated to studio audio reproduction. Genelec's world leading position in the manufacture of active studio monitor loudspeakers is a result of an unequalled commitment to following the scientific acoustic design principles in all their research and development work.
    Genelec has been the industry first to develop many of the key technologies used in today’s studio monitors. The Directivity Control Waveguide™(DCW), which optimizes drive unit directional characteristics. DCW implementation results in improved stereo imaging, decreased drive unit distortion and flat on and off-axis response for a wider usable listener area. Other innovations include the full implementation of active loudspeakers with built-in power amplifiers, full loudspeaker element protection, and integration of full room response tailoring, just to name a few.
    There are also a growing number of applications in surround sound reproduction, were the design principles and products of Genelec have proven to work excellently. Producing a wide range of monitors distributed in over 40 countries around the world, Genelec pursues their continuous research work to maintain their world leading position.