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    Small Environment DSP Monitoring System

    Genelec SE DSP System

    The Genelec SE™ (Small Environment) DSP System brings a new approach to solving acoustic issues with small recording and mixing environments. Smaller production rooms beg for sensible solutions in monitoring. The SE™ DSP System brings easy to use and affordable Genelec quality including AutoCal™ - automated self-calibration algorithm - to this wide range of customers. The Genelec SE™DSP System won the TEC Award 2008.

    The SE™ DSP System utilizes the new 10” SE7261A DSP subwoofer in combination with the 8130A digital input active monitors. The system can be easily setup into all popular audio configurations from subwoofer-assisted stereo to multi-channel reference systems.

    The GLM.SE™ software (V1.2.0.supports Windows XP and Mac OS X) brings the entire DSP system together under computer network control. The software control of the SE7261A DSP subwoofer provides all necessary network connections to the host computer and supplies extensive DSP resources for the 8130A digital input loudspeakers through its AES/EBU digital high-pass outputs.

    The GLM.SE™ software is designed to work solely with the SE7261A DSP Subwoofer and vice versa.

    The SE™ DSP System is a TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) 2008 award winner in the category Studio Monitor Technology.

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