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  • AD1 - A/D Converter
    2 - 8 Channel Configurations Available

  • CC1 - Clock Converter
    Word Clock/AES Sync Generator

  • Grimm Discrete A/D Converter

    AD1 | Grimm

    Operating directly at 1 bit, 2.8224MHz, the AD1 | Grimm is eminently suitable for creating SACD masters from analogue sources. Additonally, DSD processing DAW's will find no better front end. Combined with our DD1 digital converter, the AD1 offers the best CD rate converter performance available.

    In order to get past the limitations posed by commercially available converter chips, the AD1„s converters are made with discrete parts. The input circuitry before the modulator consists of only two resistors. This strategy pays off with unparallelled low noise and distortion, while delivering data that can be directly pressed onto SACDs or processed in a DSD workstation.

    The AD1 is constructed modularly and is available in 2 to 8 channel versions, cascadable for an unlimited number of channels. The outputs are SDIF3 compatible. A companion box, the DD1, converts these signals into various PCM formats through nonaliasing, ripple-free decimation filters. The DD1 is planned for release Q3 2009.

    Maximising the converter„s capability are a plethora of design techniques such as:
    Ultra-low jitter clock source delivering the same precision irrespective of whether it is operated in locked or free-running mode;
    EMC by design. From the very first planning stage onwards, parasitics were considered as an integral part of the circuit.
    Extensive use of wideband, quiet point-of-load shunt voltage regulators, and choke power supply filtering, providing clean power to the shunt regulators;
    Audiophile construction details such as selected capacitor types, 'melf' resistors and DC coupling.