• Converters
  • Digital Monitors
  • Mic Power Supplies
  • AD1 - A/D Converter
    2 - 8 Channel Configurations Available

  • CC1 - Clock Converter
    Word Clock/AES Sync Generator

  • MP1 - Discrete Mic Power Supply
    Customer Spec. Reference Supply for Tube Microphones

  • TPM -Twisted Pair Master Cable
    Reference Quality Interconnect
  • Grimm LS1
  • LS1 - Reference Monitors
    Analog & Digital Inputs
    UcD High Efficiency Amplification
    DSP Crossover
    Shallow Profile / Wide Baffle
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    about the company
    Grimm Audio is a collaboration between four of the NetherlandsĄ best known audio engineers: Bruno Putzeys, Guido Tent, Peter van Willenswaard and Eelco Grimm, with the explicit aim of consolidating their collective competences into the most transparent recording and reproduction equipment possible

    The professional audio products of Grimm are aimed squarely at the audiophile end of the market, like High-End Recording and Mastering. We have merged the highest level of technical and audiophile knowledge to build professional audio equipment that has no equivalent.