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  • MP1 - Discrete Mic Power Supply
    Customer Spec. Reference Supply for Tube Microphones

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    MP1 | Grimm

    In any audio device, the power supply is a significant contributor to sonic success or failure. In tube microphones this is even more so than anywhere else. The MP1 allows you to realise the full potential of your treasured vintage or contemporary tube mic.

    The 'MP1 | Grimm' re-writes the book on tube mic supplies. Drawing from the extensive expertise gained designing the supplies used in the AD1 and CC1 products, the MP1 uses discrete shunt regulators both in the anode supply as well as the filament supply. The anode supply offers noise as low as -100 dBV (in average 20 dB beter than existing supplies) and the 'shunt' design turns the regulator into an active decoupling device, eliminating electrolytics. Voltages are factory pre-set to match the customer's microphone specs.

    Stylish, compact and practical, the MP1 fits well on any recording stage.