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  • MP1 - Discrete Mic Power Supply
    Customer Spec. Reference Supply for Tube Microphones

  • TPM -Twisted Pair Master Cable
    Reference Quality Interconnect
  • Twisted Pair Master Cable

    TPM | Grimm

    Cable science? Indeed! Physics has a lot to say about "the ideal audio cable", particularly about RFI sensitivity and microphonics. RFI immunity hinges on precision control of geometry, perfect symmetry of the cross-section and good shield coverage.

    The Grimm TPM Twisted Pair Master cable uses tape-wound PTFE insulation, glass fibre fillers, no drain wire and two thick layers of braid shield. A bonded semiconductive interface layer under the shield makes this the least microphonic cable in the industry by a margin of 20dB.

    TPM | Grimm provides the most natural and least coloured reproduction available, which makes it a true reference for mastering studios, high-end home systems and mixing rooms alike.