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Advanced Signal Processing
  • Alloy - Essential Mixing Tools
  • Ozone5 - Audio Mastering System
  • iZotope RX 2 - Restoration Software
  • Radius - Time & Pitch Control
  • Spectron - Spectral Effect Processor
  • Trash - Multiband Distortion Processor
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    iZotope Radius™ brings world class time-stretching and pitch-shifting to Apple's Logic Pro™ and Soundtrack Pro™.

    You can easily change the pitch of a single instrument, voice, or entire ensemble while preserving the timing and acoustic space of the original recording. iZotope Radius is designed to match the natural timbres even with extreme pitch shifts.

    iZotope Radius allows you to change the tempo without affecting the pitch or tone of the performance. Instrument attacks, percussive hits, and the sound stage remain untouched, even at extreme stretches.

    Using an advanced hybrid method, iZotope Radius is able to preserve transients and sustained material at the same time. For example, when stretching a recording with sustained brass and pizzicato strings, iZotope Radius preserves continuity of the brass notes as well as the timing and attack characteristics of the strings.

    iZotope Radius is designed for completely transparent operation on a wide variety of source material with nearly automatic operation. It is well suited for both industrial studio applications and home studio use. Applications include:

  • Video post production: fit soundtrack, voice over, and other audio cues to video clips.
  • Shift pitch up or down to match a vocal or instrumental range for practice, performance, or recording.
  • Sound design: extreme distortion-free time-stretch and pitch-shifting effects.
  • Pull-up and pull-down for film and video conversion.
  • Slow down recordings for spoken dictation, musical transcription, or for practicing at slower tempos.
  • Radius features two modes of operation: Mix mode and Solo mode. Mix mode is designed to work well with polyphonic material such as mixes with more than one instrument, as well as non-harmonic material such as drum loops. Solo mode works best with a single harmonic instrument such as a stringed instrument or the human voice. For finer control, use harmonic correction to manipulate the timbre.

    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary)
    Logic Pro 7.2.1 or later
    Soundtrack Pro 3.0.0 or later