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Advanced Signal Processing
  • Alloy - Essential Mixing Tools
  • Ozone5 - Audio Mastering System
  • iZotope RX 2 - Restoration Software
  • Radius - Time & Pitch Control
  • Spectron - Spectral Effect Processor
  • Trash - Multiband Distortion Processor
  • RX bannerRX screen

    iZotope RX™ 2 is the most complete audio restoration product on the market, a unique standalone application designed from the ground up to combat a range of audio problems. In addition to unique workflow features designed to help you get the best results, RX's powerful tools can do processing that plug-in based restoration products simply cannot do. This paired with completely new processing technology results in cleaner, more natural sounding noise reduction and audio repair.

    RX is ideal for audio restoration and archiving, recording and mastering, broadcasting and podcasting, video production, forensics, and any application that demands spotless results and a truly complete range of restoration tools.

    RX's standalone application gives you an ideal environment for audio restoration tasks. But for those times when you want the power of RX in your favorite audio sequencer or editor, the RX plug-ins are just what the doctor ordered.

    iZotope has spent the last four years developing novel methods for revitalizing noisy and damaged audio, and iZotope RX represents a new milestone in restoration technology.

  • Broadcasting & Podcasting -
    Clean up location recordings, phone interviews, studio background noise and more
  • Recording & Music Production -
    Eliminate hum, hiss and environmental noise from studio and live recordings
  • Restoration & Archiving -
    Remove clicks and crackles, mechanical noise and hum, even repair gaps in damaged audio
  • Video Production - Perfect for cleaning up dialog, removing unwanted background noises
  • Forensics - Advanced noise reduction for superior voice intelligibility, multiresolution spectrogram shows more detail for improved visual analysis
  • System Requirements
    Windows (XP, x64, Vista)
    Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary)
    Standalone Application
    Plug-ins:* Pro Tools 7+ (RTAS/ AudioSuite), VST, Audio Unit, MAS, DirectX

    *Note: The Spectral Repair plug-in is not a realtime plug-in, and therefore, it is not compatible with some hosts.