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    MMA-4 Microphone Preamplifier Maselec MMA-4

    Overview: The MMA-4 is an audiophile microphone pre-amplifier offering the highest standards of performance. Design objectives included consistently good sound over the whole range of gain settings, a high level of transparency and ultra-low noise and distortion.

    The Elusive Qualities of Analogue: In the race for ever better audio performance and processing, the advantages of analogue technology can easily be overlooked.

    Analogue signal processors have an elusive sound quality that is hard to capture in the digital domain. This is partly why the MMA-4 mic pre-amp frequency response extends well beyond the basic 20kHz audio band. And, compatibility with 96kHz sampling is built-in!

    Many of the world's top music acts still prefer the sound of analogue 1/2-inch tape and demand analogue processing prior to editing and CD mastering.

    Creative Power: The MMA-4 features unique signal path and delivers a very special sound - without side-effects.

    The clear and straightforward presentation of Maselec Master Series products with their precision stepped controls provides the raw creative power you need - and nothing else.