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  • High resolution analog signal processing
  • Analog disk transfer controllers
  • MTC-2 - Stereo Transfer & Monitor Controller
  • Stereo Master Transfer Console
  • MTC-6 - Surround Transfer & Monitor Controller
  • Maselec MTC-6 Console
  • STM-822 - Analog Summing Mixer
  • Maselec STM-822
    MTC-6 Surround Master Transfer & Monitor System Stereo Master Transfer Console

    Overview: A surround system consists of a stereo MTC-2 Master Controller with two additional Master Routers and an added four-channel MTC-6 Master Control unit.

    Upgrading a stereo MTC-2 system to full surround is both easy and cost effective.

    A further advantage of this modular design is that the front channels are also used for normal stereo, reducing the need for patching processors and effects units between stereo and surround sessions.

    One of the problems with digital surround processing is maintaining sync between the channels. Normally only multi-channel processors can be used. Analogue processors do not introduce long delays and can be freely used on a channel-by-channel basis (in the same way as multi-track mixing).

    The MTC-6 controls analogue inserts, levels and filters. Together with advanced, comprehensive monitoring, fast and accurate A/B comparisons can be made of all functions and signal processors.

    It also offers true ‘audiophile’ sound quality with high specification, precision components used throughout.

    Input trims Range: +/-5dB in 0.5dB steps
    Low Cut Filters 20Hz to 100Hz in 6 steps
    High Cut Filters 12kHz to 27kHz in 6 steps
    LFE Low Cut 10Hz to 30H in 6 steps
    LFE High Cut 60Hz to 200H in 6 steps
    Output trims Range: +/-5dB in 0.5dB steps
    Phase reverse Individual for each channel
    Input Cut Individual for each channel
    Inserts Six inserts with individual controls (ch’s 5 & 6 shared)
    M-S insert M-S on insert 1
    Insert Link Links inserts to MTC-2 Master Control.
    Output Cut Cuts channels 3 to 6
    5.1 mode Selects 5.1 instead of 6.0 (three stereo pairs)
    FX Return All four channels (post inserts)