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  • Maselec STM-822
    STM-822 Stem Mixer

    Maselec STM-822The STM-822 is the latest product from Maselec offering the highest quality analog summing available for recording and mastering applications.

    The STM-822 provides 8 stereo inputs and 2 independent stereo outputs with separate amplifiers. The signal path is completely balanced, and there are only 3 amplifiers in any path.

    The stereo outputs provide separate amplifiers capable of driving a 600 ohm load with a maximum level of +29dBu, and output noise of -100dB under normal operating levels and, output noise lower than -88dBu with full gain and all inputs open (much lower than the summed noise of 24 bit converters).

    The level controls are precision 1/2dB stepped rotary pots providing 5dB adjustment. Cut and Solo functions are relay activated with a common relay for each stem.

    8 balanced stereo inputs
    2 balanced stereo outputs
    Precision 1/2dB stepped rotary gain control (-5dB to +5dB)
    Cut/Solo functions with one common relay for each channel
    Max level in/out: +29dBu.
    0dB / -10dB gain switch