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  • MIOConsole
  • 80-bit multi-bus mixer with scaleable expansion, console style mixing, and DSP processing

  • Processing on the Metal ; DSP signal processing for the Mobile I/O..

  • ChannelStrip - DSP Controller Plug-In
  • Exceptional Audio Quality, Incredible DSP Efficiency And A Comprehensive User Interface
    The Processor That Gives You the Power! Metric Halo MOBILE I/O

    Processing On The Metal: MIO+DSP brings Metric Halo's world-renowned assignable DSP signal processing to the Mobile I/O FireWire audio world. Now available on the 2882+DSP and ULN-2+DSP models, MIO+DSP provides a full-featured, flexible signal processing environment that combines world-class signal processing plug-ins with ultra-low latency, incredible mixing, and exceptional converter quality.

    Since the MIO+DSP environment is based upon the “Anywhere, Anytime” portable Mobile I/O hardware, you can apply MIO+DSP power whenever and wherever you want. The ultra-low latency of the signal processing environment allows you to pile on processing during tracking – even for foldback monitors, without incurring any delay to throw off the performance.

    Metric Halo MOBILE I/O

    The heart of MIO+DSP is the +DSP Graph. This new environment provides instant access to all of the available signal processing plug-ins and processors. The Graph gives you free-form access to all the I/O and processors in your system, and allows you to configure signal routing with complete freedom and flexibility. Signals may be routed between processing chains, fed-back, and connected in ways that are simply impossible in other systems. All signals within the graph are automatically delay compensated, so no matter how complex your routing becomes, everything remains phase-aligned. This flexibility allows you to create unique and sophisticated signal processors from basic building blocks and more sophisticated algorithms.

    MIO+DSP includes a bundle of exceptional signal processing plug-ins, so you can get right to work. The bundled plug-ins are focused on production audio, and include MIOComp, MIOEQ-6, MIOEQ-12, MIOLimit, MIO Mid/Side Processor, and of course, MIOStrip.

    The processing algorithms in these plug-ins are completely new versions of Metric Halo’s much-loved signal processors. These new plugs take the best of the Metric Halo pedigree, incorporate carefully made changes based upon feedback from thousands of users to culminate in a set of exceptional sounding and easy-to-use signal processors. Since they are part of MIO+DSP, they are always available on your MIO – Anywhere, Anytime.

    Key Features
    Ultra-low signal processing latency
    Automatic delay compensation
    Processing on the metal – DSP directly connected to the converters and I/O
    Integrated mixing
    High-resolution signal processing engine
    Dynamic loading and instantiation of plug-ins
    Extremely flexible signal routing
    Sophisticated patch and preset management
    Total recall with MIO Console
    Mac OS 9 and OS X
    Available on the Mobile I/O 2882+DSP
    Available on the Mobile I/O ULN-2+DSP
    Exceptional processing, exceptional sound
    Completely portable, Highly personal