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  • ChannelStrip - DSP Controller Plug-In
  • Exceptional Audio Quality, Incredible DSP Efficiency And A Comprehensive User Interface
    Channel Strip
    World Class Digital Signal Processing Channel Strip

    ChannelStrip is the recognized leader in console-style channel strip audio processing for digital audio workstations.

    As the first plug-in to offer the combination of exceptional audio quality, incredible DSP efficiency and a comprehensive user interface, ChannelStrip lets users work as efficiently and interactively as they would with a dedicated, world-class mixing console.

    ChannelStrip comes with more than 100 presets included to help you get your mix started. Use the presets to compress your drums, EQ your vocals, get your sessions ready for mastering and much more. With ChannelStrip you get an unparalleled EQ, Gate, and Compressor, all in one easy to use interface. ChannelStrip is the critical mixing tool for thousands of top engineers and producers world-wide.

    šKey Features
    Input gain/trim
    Polarity Invert
    Expander/gate with integrated side-chain filter
    Compressor with integrated side-chain filter
    6 band fully parametric 48-bit EQ (64-bit for Native)
    6 selectable filter band types:
    Peaking/Parametric ±24dB boost/cut per band
    High Shelf with adjustable dip
    Low Shelf with adjustable dip
    High Cut
    Low Cut
    User adjustable 255 sample delay
    Output gain/trim
    High-resolution metering for each processing block