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  • FireWire Digital I/O
  • Software Analysis
  • Digital Test Systems
  • Metric Halo MOBILE)))I/O
    FireWire Interfaces

  • ULN-2 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 4 In/8 Out
  • ULN-8 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 8 In/8 Out
  • LIO-8 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 8 In/8 Out

  • 2882 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 4 In/8 Out
  • Qualified for use with Mac OS 10.2.6 to 10.4!
    With Aggregate Device Support for Multibox Operation
    Metric Halo
    SpectraFoo SpectraFoo
    The Final Word in Metering
    Standards-based, Sample Accurate Level Metering
    High-speed, High-resolution Spectral Analysis
    Correlation Metering & Phase Analysis
    Triggerable Waveform Display
    OS X
    Complete - [Standalone]
    Standard - [Standalone]
    OS 9
    Complete - [Standalone, TDM, MAS]
    Standard - [Standalone, TDM, MAS]
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  • MIOConsole
  • 80-bit multi-bus mixer that supports near-zero latency mixing and routing of all inputs and outputs with scaleable expansion, console style mixing, and DSP processing

  • Processing on the Metal ; Metric Halo's world-renowned assignable DSP signal processing for the Mobile I/O..
    Metric Halo

  • ChannelStrip - DSP Controller Plug-In
  • Exceptional Audio Quality, Incredible DSP Efficiency And A Comprehensive User Interface

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    about the company

    Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis, and processing solutions with award winning software and hardware. As an industry leader, Metric Halo has developed a product line so powerful and versatile, its applications range from live sound reinforcement, CD/DVD mixing and mastering, film and broadcast production to forensic science, airline safety investigation, medical research, and designing the next generation Ferrari and BMW automobiles.