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  • SpectraFoo
    The Final Word in Metering
  • Standards-based, Sample Accurate Level Metering
  • High-speed, High-resolution Spectral Analysis
  • Correlation Metering & Phase Analysis
  • Triggerable Waveform Display

  • OS X
    SpectraFoo Complete - [Standalone]
    SpectraFoo Standard - [Standalone]
    OS 9
    SpectraFoo Complete - [Standalone, TDM, MAS]
    SpectraFoo Standard - [Standalone, TDM, MAS]

    World Class Signal Metering and Analysis
    Metric Halo SpectraFooSpectraFoo provides all of the tools today's digital projects demand. Whether you are a live sound engineer or a studio mixer, you need the power that Foo provides. Including standards-based level metering, high-speed, high-resolution spectral analysis, the unique Phase Torch, correlation metering, triggerable waveform display, power balancing and a variety of power, envelope and spectral histories and phase analysis on any number of input or output channels, the SpectraFoo range is absolutely essential for broadcast production and critical mixing & mastering.

    SpectraFoo is a collection of award-winning, high resolution metering tools in both standalone and DAW Plug-In configurations. SpectraFoo includes basic, sample-accurate metering, triggerable waveform display, power balancing and phase analysis on any number of input or output channels.

    SpectraFoo Complete Features: SpectraFoo Complete provides the engineer with sample code metering tools, a recording, playback, looping & static analysis system, and a complete transfer function measurement system.

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  • OSX Ver. 4 Documentation
  • OS9 Ver.3 Documentation

  • Key Features
    Lissajous phase scopes (X-Y, vectorscope and stereo field display modes)
    Full featured audio frequency oscilloscopes
    Power balance meters
    Full featured level meters with physical unit calibration
    Full featured audio spectrum analyzers
    Spectragram spectral history meters
    Correlation meters
    Correlation history meters
    Phase Torch frequency-sensitive phase meters
    Envelope history meters
    Band Limited history meters