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    FireWire Interfaces

  • ULN-2 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 4 In/8 Out
  • ULN-8 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 8 In/8 Out
  • LIO-8 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 8 In/8 Out

  • 2882 - Portable Digital Audio Hub 4 In/8 Out
  • Qualified for use with Mac OS 10.2.6 to 10.4!
    With Aggregate Device Support for Multibox Operation
    Metric Halo
    ULN-8 Simply the best - of everything!

    Building upon the experience gained with the Mobile I/O 2882 and ULN-2, we set out to design an integrated product to literally provide the best performance in each of its component sections while still providing all of the benefits of tight integration in a single field-capable package. The ULN-8 is the result of that development program.

    By implementing all the functions of a complete audio front end in a single package, the ULN-8 is able to provide unprecedented power and quality in a lightweight, low-power consumption, single RU hardware unit. This integration provides significant benefits to the owner in the form of reduced cabling (lower cost, weight and less opportunity for failure), weight, power consumption, and cost, while at the same time providing unprecedented performance.

    What does integration mean to you? Rather than pay for duplicate case work, duplicate power supplies and redundant interconnects, you get a product where all the components are engineered to work together and everything you pay for is dedicated to providing functionality towards the execution of your task. But the benefits don’t stop there. By tuning all the functional blocks of the system and removing external interconnects, the ULN-8 provides enhanced performance and reduced chance of failure from external influences. Connectors and cables are all potential sources of failure and interference. By eliminating preamp to converter and converter to interface cabling, these sources of cost and potential failure and interference are also eliminated. Internal operating levels within the box are tuned for optimal performance.

    With everything you need to record, mix, process, and master audio (just add your DAW of choice and transducers), the ULN-8 is your one-stop solution for recording, edit, mix and mastering suites. Even if you are using a DAW or recording system that does not support the ULN-8 Firewire interface, the unit’s standalone operation and standard AES and analog interface allow you to use it as the Audio Front End and Monitor Controller for Pro Tools, standalone and PC based recording systems.

    Key Features
  • 8 Channels of Archival Grade 192k A/D
  • 8 Channels of Archival Grade 192k D/A
  • 2 Channels of Archival Grade 192k D/A with integrated headphone amp
  • 2 Channels of Exceptional DI inputs suitable for instrument or turntable inputs
  • Integrated Surround Monitor Controller