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  • AWE for Dolby Digital SurCode™ for DolbyĆ Digital plug–in for AudioTools™ AWE

    SurCode for DolbyĆ Digital plug–in for AudioTools AWE is the fully licensed and certified professional encoder that integrates seamlessly into the AudioTools AWE platform and process chain. It creates fully compliant AC-3 files for playback in any Dolby Digital–capable hardware or software decoder.

    The AWE framework allows you to easily save and recall encoding settings for re-use. All Dolby Digital encoding options are supported.

    AWE for Dolby Digital SurCode for DolbyĆ Digital plug–in includes:
  • Creates a certified, professional Dolby Digital AC-3 file
  • Supports all Audio coding modes, from 1/0 to 3/2
  • AC-3 Timecode striping
  • Auto Coding Mode setting
  • Auto Sample Rate encode setting
  • Dolby Surround Encoded Mode Flag support
  • Dolby EX Encoded Flag support
  • Audio Processing and Dolby Digital encoding in one operation