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  • AWE ServerAudioTools™ Audio Workflow Engine Server

    Increase your creative time - automate the repetitive audio processing tasks Increase your income - free up the editing suite for more billable hours

    Get rid of the wasted time and mindless boring drudgery of repetitive audio processing tasks, with AudioTools AWE! Finally, a serious professional tool for automating audio processing. Easy setup, easy use, powerful processing. If you can imagine it, you can do it with AudioTools AWE.

    AWE Server Screen Save Now, Recall Later

  • Save Jobs, recall them later
  • Save processor chains, recall them later
  • Save settings of individual processors, recall them later
  • Save collections of Jobs, submit them all later in a single step
  • Set up a Job, email it to run in another facility
  • Future–proof

    AudioTools AWE is just the first of a suite of workflow-enhancing tools.
    Future products include:

  • Versioning tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Features:
  • Automated workflow
  • Powerful processing
  • Flexible configuration
  • Hot Folder automation
  • Real–time monitoring
  • Set & forget
  • Future–proof