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Fast, Easy, Affordable DVD-Audio Authoring

  • CHROME V.2 - Full featured Professional PC software package for high-level DVD-Audio

  • STEEL - Basic PC software package for DVD-Audio

  • BRONZE - Consumer software package for DVD-Audio
  • coverChromediscWelder CHROME II
    The fast, easy, and creative software package for high-level DVD-Audio authoring.

    This package allows audio engineers, producers, musicians, and mastering and authoring professionals to produce high-level DVD-Audio discs for client approval, off-site mix auditions, and most importantly - commercial release replication.

    With a broad feature set that rivals far more expensive programs, discWelder CHROME will have you authoring discs in fifteen minutes.

    CHROME provides an extremely powerful authoring package at an extremely low price.

    Supports Intermixed Surround, Stereo, PCM, and MLP Tracks
    Slide Show (still image) Graphics Import (to accompany audio tracks)
    Slide Show Transition Effects (dissolve, fade, etc.)
    4:3 and 16:9 / NTSC or PAL Image Support
    Hieracrchy of Multiple Selections Menus
    Up to 9 Groups with up to 99 Tracks per Group
    User-Defined Menu Background
    Downmix Properties Settings
    VIDEO_TS Import (for Universal DVD authoring - discs work in any DVD player)
    MLP Track Pointers (allows Gapless Play of MLP Tracks)
    Gapless Linear PCM Track Play
    Linear PCM Track Pause (0.5 to 10 seconds)
    Supports All linear PCM audio fromats:
    16, 20, 24-bit/ 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz sample rates (stereo)
    44.1, 48kHz (51. Surround)
    WAV and AIFF files
    MLP-Encoded File Import (allows lossless 24-bit, 96kHz 5.1 Surround files)
    DLT (Digital Linear Tape) Output for Replication
    Multiple DVD-R/RW Burner Support, including General and Authoring
    Drag-&-Drop or Double-Click Sound File Placement
  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP
  • 10GB Free HD Space
  • Supported DVD-R/RW