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  • Dolby E Decoder
  • Dolby Digital Encoder -STEREO
  • Dolby Digital Encoder -5.1
  • Dolby Digital Plug-In -for Adobe Premier
  • Dolby Pro-Logic II Plug-In
  • DTS-CD
  • SurCode MLP
  • SurCode DTS DVD

    DVD is the most popular home entertainment format yet. With over 60 audio equipment manufacturers licensed to produce DTS decoders, DTS has become a standard for high quality “Surround Sound” in home theater systems. This makes it easy to offer your audience DTS–quality sound on your DVD-Video products.

    Surcode’s DVD-DTS encoder is your entry into the vast world of DVD-V content. The Surcode DVD-DTS encoder also includes the functionality of SurCode’s CD-DTS encoder so you can leverage compact disc release as well. Surcode DVD–DTS is a fully licensed and certified encoder, suitable for encoding commercially released recordings.

    SurCode DTS DVD

    SurCode DVD Professional can also encode your six 44.1 kHz surround audio files for CDs as a WAV file at the 1.234 Mb/s data rate, just like SurCode CD-DTS. It’s the standard for maximum quality “Surround Sound” on CD or DVD.

    Specifications subject to change without notice. DTS is a registered trademark of DTS, Inc.