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Encode / Decode
  • Dolby E Decoder
  • Dolby Digital Encoder -STEREO
  • Dolby Digital Encoder -5.1
  • Dolby Digital Plug-In -for Adobe Premier
  • Dolby Pro-Logic II Plug-In
  • DTS-CD
  • SurCode MLP
  • The standard for DVD-Audio.

    Its lossless encoding process doesn't throw away any audio. Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP) is an encoding system designed to compress high-resolution audio with bit-for-bit accuracy. Unlike the perceptual, or lossy audio date reduction systems used in DVD-Video authoring (Dolby Digital, DTS), MLP guarantees not to alter the final decoded signal in any way.

    ReBit, an exclusive feature only found in SurCode's MLP encoder, enables users, in extreme cases, to avoid the necessity of re-mastering their material in order to pass through the MLP encoding process.

  • Licensed MLP encoder
  • Accepts any 6 .wav or .AIFF files
  • Creates MLP-encoded files to use with your DVD-Audio authoring software
  • Lossless encoding ensures bit-for-bit audio quality, maintaining the most pristine audio
  • Why encode? MLP has two main benefits; It minimizes the size of the compressed file, allowing a larger amount of audio to be stored on the DVD-A disc. It will reduce the maximum instantaneous peak data rate. This is needed to get the 13.82Mbps data rate of six channel surround 24 bit/96kHz PCM audio under the 9.6Mbps limitation of DVD.