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    8X96 Series Mastering Converters

    8x96 A/D and D/A

    Mytek 8 channels 24 bit converters are now 96 kHz capable! The 8X96 series is a very high performance 120dB design based on the Crystal Semiconductor CS5396 chip. 8X96 series consists of two units- 8X96 ADC and 8X96 DAC. These are two converter boxes: 8X96-ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) and 8X96-DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). They are 2U, 19" rack units. 8X96 series provides very high performance 24 bit 96 kHz conversion which rivals the most expensive mastering converters ( DR=120 dB, audiophile signal path). The units can be used as stand-alone devices for variety of studio applications such as 5.1 DVD mastering, multitrack recording and whenever high quality conversion is required. Built-in high performance 9th order SuperShaper HR® noise shaping algorithm preserves the 24 bit sound on 16 and 20 bit MDM machines. Prism MRX® bit splitting allows for full 24 bit recording on 16 bit Tascam machines. 4 channel 96kHz recording on ADAT and Tascam DA78HR is supported via S/MUX® coding (a feature functionally equivalent to a double wire AES/EBU). The 24 bit high speed AES/EBU interface is standard, optional interface cards support TDIF, ADAT, Protools®, and Sonic HDSP/USP digital formats. Additional to AES/EBU, up to two interfaces can be installed. The units automatically convert data between installed digital formats. Data path is 24 bit throughout.

    8x96 series converters are the essential component of our new integrated solution called daw 9624®. mytek/sonorus daw 9624® is a hardware platform consisting of a set of 8x96 series converters, sonorus stud/io or rme-audio hammerfall pci interface cards and software drivers that allows for 8 channel 24 bit 96 khz (or 16 channel 24 bit 48k) recording on a mac or pc. see daw 9624® for details. there is also a laptop version of the same for portable recording..