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  • DDD - 603
  • Portable Stand-Alone Digital Meter in Horizontal and Vrtical Configurations

    DDD-603 Stand-alone Mastering Metermytek ddd603 meter

    The DDD-603 stand-alone mastering meter includes the 1630 standard ballistics and overload indication, plus many additional features such as peak counter, phase meter, VU metering and more. Its extensive features made it a home with many top mastering studios. The meter is software based and is upgradeable via firmware ROM. The meter dimensions are 1.43 x 5.25 (3U) x 5.5" (12 units fit into 19" rack). The unit is powered through an external, international (100-240 VAC) power adaptor (included).

    DDD-603 is portable, can be placed on top of a console meter bridge, mounted in a console faceplate, or in a 19" rack (w/ optional hardware). Digital input and digital throughput are provided on two rear mounted XLR connectors. The meter accepts regular 44.1/48k and single hi-speed  96k AES/EBU or SPDIF inputs. RCA to XLR adaptor described in the manual is required for SPDIF signals. DDD-603 works with any sample frequency between 25-100kHz and is manufactured in two physical configurations: horizontal and vertical.

    mytek ddd603 meter