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  • Digital program meters
  • Workstation A/D-D/A
  • 24-bit A/D-D/A
  • Stereo 96 ADC
  • Stereo 96 DAC
  • These 1/4 rack space by 1U high units contain the same conversion circuits as 8X96 units, in a stereo configuration.

  • Stereo 192 ADC
  • Two channel hi-end
    Analog to Digital converter for recording and mastering applications.

  • 8X192 Series AD/DA
  • Hi-performance mastering converter which offers PCM A/D and D/A conversion for all sampling rates from 44.1k to 192k.

  • StudioClock 192CX
  • House Clock Generator Designed Specifically For Audio Applications.

  • Stereo192 SRC
  • Sample Rate Converter For Recording & Mastering Applications

  • DDD - 603
  • Portable Stand-Alone Digital Meter in Horizontal and Vertical Configurations

  • 8X96 Series - 8-channel Mastering Converters

  • Private-Q - Multi-channel Headphone System
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    about the company

    Mytek’s first product, the PrivateQ multi-channel headphone system, was introduced in 1992. There are currently over 100 systems operating in major recording studios worldwide with famous users such as The Rolling Stones. In 1992 Mytek started development of a line of digital audio converters, which now provides top 24 bit/96 kHz quality conversion and a number of features not found in any competitive products.
    Mytek also manufacture the world's most sophisticated digital AES/EBU meter as well as a transport interface box for the SSL-Lynx-Sony 3348.
    Once prototyped, Mytek equipment is not only measured for accuracy, but is also subject to extensive listening tests. The product is then also beta tested in major NYC recording studios and updated, when required, before introduction into the market.