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  • High Resolution Digital Converters
  • Analog Processing Equipment
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  • dScope Series III - Measurement System
  • Prism dScopeIII

    High precision generation & analysis of analogue & digital audio signals.

  • dS-NET I/O - Switcher
  • Prism dsNet

    Provides Cascadable 16-into-2 Relay Switching, for either analogue or digital (AES3) audio signals

  • VSIO - Digital Serial Interface Adapter
  • Prism VSIO

    Allows bi-directional translation between the dScope's AES3 output and input, and serial audio multiplex interfaces

    High Precision Test and Measurement System

    dScope Series III is•an industrial strength Windows PC software application that uses dedicated•hardware to make high precision audio measurements. This architecture makes the most of the multi-tasking capabilities of the Windows platform to allow the system to measure many parameters simultaneously - and that means faster. The hardware connects to the PC via a standard USB connection making it suitable to use with almost any computer including laptops.

    The hardware is not simply a calibrated sound card. It is highly optimised for measurement applications, including precision gain ranging to allow high resolution measurements over a phenomenal range from a few micro-volts to more than 150 volts RMS, and from less than 1 Hz to over 90kHz. It has internal DSP to provide a wide range of real time measurements, and uses the host PC for almost unlimited number crunching and analysis options such as Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT), power spectrum analysis, swept sine wave and multi-tone testing.

    It is highly programmable which is great for production test automation and for very specialised custom audio analysis. •It can also be automated from a wide range of third party software using ActiveX controls - almost anything you can do with dScope can be automated and controlled remotely. •In addition, this flexibility means that it can do the job of many traditional instruments and that can mean a cost saving overall, specially when it comes time to calibrate them all!

    There is also a growing list of auxiliary equipment such as an I/O switcher for multi-channel tests, a serial digital interface adapter and•a new Production Test Automation system called AutoTestSQL that further extend the capabilities of the dScope system.

    Comprehensive: High precision generation and analysis of analogue and digital audio, plus digital audio carrier.
    Compact: The whole package (including the PC) fits into a handy carry-case.
    Cost-effective: Market-leading functionality available at a remarkably affordable price.
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  • Applications:
    Professional audio
    Internet audio
    MultimediaConsumer products
    Sound reinforcement
    Research & development
    Production test
    Field service