Rorke Data

Galaxy 60 RAID


Rorke Data Galaxy 60 RAIDThe Galaxy 60 is designed to optimize data-intensive workflow where disc-speed and network bandwidth is the critical consideration. Diverse digital image and rich media applications such as Video post, Effects, Streaming, Broadcast, Medical imaging, and Digital prepress will benefit from the Galaxy 60’s open component design and advanced features.

The Galaxy 60’s 2Gbit fibre channel backplane is engineered for field upgrades from JBOD to complete, dual fault-tolerant RAID, and supports the widest range of fibre components, including: both 1& 2 Gb drives, HBAs, and switches. Offering 9TB of useable storage in arbitrated loop mode, and depending your application and OS environment, virtually unlimited storage in Fabric mode, the Galaxy 60 is ideal for standard server-attach RAID or complete SAN configurations that deliver 200MB/s-400MB/s.

Product Overview

Following the very successful Galaxy 45/55 Series (4U, 12 drive) family of storage systems, Rorke Data presents its latest product , the Galaxy Series 60 family. This equally innovative, high performance, modular, storage systems provides a highly stable and reliable enclosure for sixteen Low Profile (1 in) disk drives in only 5.25" of rack space. 16 drives in a 3U rack enclosure represents industry leading capacity in this form factor, with absolutely no compromise in cooling capability up to 40ÜC ambient conditions. Highly effective cooling ensures your drives will provide the best possible Mean Time Between Failure, maintaining the drive manufacturer’s warranty in full effect.

The standard enclosure is designed for 24x7 operation with fully redundant and hot-swappable, data path logic, power supplies, cooling and enclosure management functions. Disk drive carriers are lockable and hot-swappable.


A range of optional modules provides customer flexibility and investment protection. Operating to the latest industry Fibre Channel standards at 1 or 2Gb/s, enclosures can have a number of JBOD loop architecture or provide high performance RAID where required. By simply swapping IO modules, customers can upgrade from a 1Gb JBOD to a fully featured 2 GB dual RAID system.

The following modules are available for the product; full redundancy is provided if two modules are installed.

  • FC-AL Single loop 1Gb, with DB9 or SC Optical connections
  • FC-AL Single or Dual Loop 1Gb/2Gb, with Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) interfaces providing LC Optical (and HSSDC-2 Cu when available)
  • RAID: full function 1Gb/1Gb (Single or dual controllers with integrated Hub function for failover)
  • RAID: full function 2Gb/2Gb with dual host ports per controller, single or dual controllers, and integrated hub function

The drive carriers also have mechanical properties which ensure excellent thermal, EMI and rotational vibration characteristics to support 15K RPM drives and 2Gb operation.

  • High drive packing density (16 drives in 3U/5.25")
  • Supports FC-AL 2 at 1Gb or 2Gb/s
  • Drive cooling provided by 4 Centrifugal blowers
  • FCC class A, UL, cUL, and CE mark
  • Dual PSUs with Power Factor Correction & autoranging -48VDC PSU option for Telco applications
  • No active data path components on the midplane
  • Operator panel with Enclosure ID selection, status
  • Fault indicators and audible alarm for power, cooling, system faults, loop speed and hub configuration
  • Suitable for standard 19" rack or Telco style center of gravity mounting
  • Deskside Tower options available
  • All components hot swap, concurrently maintainable for maximum availability
  • Dual redundant feature select module
  • Ultra160 LVD JBOD
  • Sustained transfer rates exceed HD application requirements
  • Scalable to 2.1TB/enclosure
  • Tower or rackmount
  • 2 or 4 SCSI-Bus configurations
  • Supports 10,000 RPM & 15,000 RPM drives