Rorke Data

Galaxy XL

GalaxyXL: RAID for Multi-Stream Uncompressed Videogalaxyxl

The Galaxy XL was designed for today’s Digital Content and Rich Media markets. A unique combination of very high performance and a low-cost per MB, the Galaxy XL is aimed at a broad range of “real-time” environments and storage-intensive applications.

  • HD-based non linear editing
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Compositing
  • Game Development
  • Video servers
  • Digital video security
  • Streaming
  • Prepress & DTP

XL-RAID: Re-build in Real Time for Continuous Availability

With the “real-time” user in mind, Galaxy XL not only supports single or multiple uncompressed video streams but also leverages Rorke Data’s extremely efficient RAID re-build functionality XL-RAID. XL-RAID enables “real time” workflow environments to continue to operate, even if a drive fails. The Galaxy XL will rebuild the RAID while simultaneously sustaining the storage throughput required for optimized real-time applications. It is completely transparent to the user as a failed drive is replaced and reformatted.


High Performance
Rorke Data disk arrays feature a high-performance Ultra160 SCSI or FibreChannel interface and are the ideal storage solution for all applications including animation, special effects and non-linear video editing. The desktop models sustain a single-stream data transfer rate up to 130 MB/second while the dual-channel rack mount models sustain over 200 MB/second–more than enough bandwidth to support the playback of 10-bit, 1080i HD footage.

Multi-Stream Technology – MST™
Galaxy XL disk arrays are optimized with Rorke Data’s proprietary Multi-Stream Technology (MST). MST is a sophisticated adaptive caching technology that dynamically analyzes the request of the host and automatically configures the array’s on-board (up to 128 MB) cache to efficiently handle multiple video and audio streams simultaneously. With MST, Galaxy XL can support the real-time playback of up to 3-streams of uncompressed video.

Data Redundancy & Real-Time Design
The ability to operate at high performance levels with a “downed drive” enables the user to complete work in real-time environments without requiring immediate drive replacement. This is in contrast with other RAID systems that can degrade in performance by as much as 50% with a downed drive. If it becomes necessary to replace a disk drive in a Galaxy XL unit, simply insert a new drive module and the system automatically resumes the protection of your valuable content.