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File-Level SAN Management Software

For over 17 years Rorke Data has collaborated with digital content application OEMs, resellers and end-users. We have acquired a deep understanding of the relationships between data storage, networks, and a given users workflow.

As opposed to traditional MIS environments, ImageSAN, developed by Rorke Data is a unique SAN product enabling users to modify and leverage workflow specific to content creation, distribution, and output. Rorke Data’s ImageSAN transforms workflow not only as a function of highly scalable, fibre-channel storage and network infrastructure, but by enhancing user collaboration with storage virtualization.

Editors, Broadcasters, Graphic Artists, CTP Managers, Radiologists; anyone involved with either Fixed Content or Rich Media applications and the inherent large file sizes; can now focus on their work rather than the data storage and network systems.

Approved for Disk-intensive Workflows & Applications
  • HD-based NLE & Effects
  • Broadcast & Streaming Hi-Res Graphics & Opi
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Content Management
  • Recording & Mixing.
  • Digital Content & Rich Media application OEMs have partnered with Rorke Data for years to assure compatibility with the latest storage products.

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    Until now, SAN applications were developed with the typical Fortune 500 MIS Director as the likely SAN administrator. ImageSAN was developed by Rorke Data in direct response to the content-application developers and their reseller’s need for robust, yet simple SAN solutions.

    Rorke Data

    • In this workgroup example (1-10 users), no Meta Data Server is required
    • MSRP per seat for ImageSAN application is typically 50% less than current applications
    • Savings of over $30,000.00 USD in start-up costs means Fast ROI
    • Similar examples apply to Prepress & Medical Imaging

    ImageSAN: Fast Storage, Faster ROI
    • Aggregate Data Storage & Network Efficiencies Means 35-40% more production capacity
    • Users collaborate by seeing & sharing actual files, not file copies
    • High bandwidth applications, even HD video, can now share video in a SAN
    • Additional storage and clients can be added to the SAN on the fly
    • File level security and permissions can be implemented to individual clients
    • Storage can be located away from the work station, output device or edit suite
    • Storage can be assigned to edit suites,m stations, or classrooms based on need, etc.
    • Complicated projects can be broken down into components and worked on by multiple users
    • Centralized back up for all workstations; Files can be backed up/restored as work continues
    • No more waiting for a copy; no more problems with finding a place to store the copy
    ImageSAN: Scalable from Work Group to Windows Domain


    • Files appear as local drives, rather than networked drives.
    • User access rights to the SAN can be added via basic Windows administration.
    • Share redirection feature allows multiple SAN computers to share the same SAN assets to Ethernet clients.
    • Simplified installation procedure, self configuring on boot up.


    • Cross-platform supports NT, W2K & XP all sharing the same NTFS volumes.
    • Mac OSX version available soon.


    • Workgroup Mode (1-10 users): Unique dynamic SAN mastering avoids the added cost associated with standalone SAN management servers. No Meta Data Server required, high-availability built-in!
    • Domain Mode: whether you out grow your workgroup, start with a larger deployment, or need to provide domain permissions, the domain mode preserves SAN speed and data integrity via Microsoft’s Domain model.


    • File level data security for maximum workflow efficiency. Multiple users can write simultaneously to the same NTFS volume.
    • Administrative mode for running disk utilities for added data security.
    Content-ready: ImageSAN is optimized for large uncompressed file transfer,
    yet tune-able for small file transfers.