Rorke Data

StudioNet-FC 2


2Gb FibreChannel SAN
for Digital Content Applications

Rorke's 2Gb SAN solution, StudioNet FC allows creators to focus on content, not their storage system. Through collaboration with the architects of high-end editing systems, Rorke has gained extensive knowledge and expertise that we have used to design our solutions with capabilities that outshine competing technology. Rorke's storage solutions enable video, audio and graphics editing systems to gear to increasing productivity through speed, collaboration and multitasking. With 17 years experience and thousands of installs, broadcasters, effects professionals, film editors and other rich media providers depend upon Rorke Data as the storage interconnect and solutions provider for the world's most advanced digital video and film editing systems

Rorke Data has differentiated itself by applying SAN technology benefits to digital content production workflow. Now, the compatible 3rd generation Studionet FC 2 2Gbit systems have arrived, offering a doubling of current 1Gb SAN bandwidth speeds, and even greater storage capacity. Workflow enhancement that delivers strong ROI backed with hardware interoperability continues to define StudioNet-FC.

SAN and Application Compliance

Rorke understood many years ago that the digital AV market requires unique and specific hardware configuration and workflow knowledge. Over the past 2 years we have invested over $2.5M in our interoperability center (BMSC: Bell Micro Solutions Center) to facilitate system level testing, benchmarking, firmware and hardware verification, and software testing. Our lab utilizes over 100 video, audio, publishing, streaming and content-creation applications including a High Definition (HD) Post Production Suite.

Open Architecture

Rorke Data leaverages an open technology policy that allows the widest array of non-linear and streaming application manufacturers to optimize Fibre Channel connections to their workstations.

Open architecture supports multiple applications:

  • Insight Program optimizes OEM information, integrating compatibility of multiple storage devices (JBOD, RAID, Tape, DVD, and Optical)
  • Cross platform volume or file management allow the blending of NT, MAC, SGI, or SUN based workstations
  • Industry Standard Fibre Channel hard disk technology supports the latest film, video, audio, and graphics file formats
  • Non-proprietary system architecture reduces cost per megabyte and secures future investment flexibility

Aggregate Data Storage & Network Efficiencies Means 35-40% More Production Capacity
  • Sessions can be backed up as work continues
  • Files can be restored while other work is being done
  • Storage can be located away from the suites
  • High bandwidth of shared raw digitized data seen at all workstations
  • Storage can be assigned to edit suites, stations, or classrooms based on need
  • Commonly used files can be shared by each editor
  • Complicated sessions or projects can be broken down into components and worked on by multiple editors
  • Centralized Image & sound FX libraries can be shared by all systems
  • Centralized back up for all workstations
  • No more waiting for a copy; no more problems with finding a place to store the copy; no more problems finding the copy