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Sonic Studio, LLC
Premastering Software
Audio Restoration Tools
FireWire Interfaces
Premastering Software
  • soundBlade LE
    Stereo Editing, Processing & Delivery

  • soundBlade

  • soundBlade SE
    Complete Digital Audio
    Pre-Mastering Workstation
  • 2/4 Tracks at 192kHz

  • soundBlade

  • soundBlade HD
    Mastering, Archiving, Mixing, and Post-Production
  • 8/16 Tracks at 192kHz
  • soundBlade HD™
    24/192 The Ultimate Music Workstation

    soundBlade LE 2.0

    • Edit

  • 8/16 Tracks
  • Fast intuitive editing
  • Infinitely adjustable 64 bit real-time Fades
  • Often copied Source / Destination Editing Model
  • Extreme Precision Edit Fade Mode
  • Records 8 tracks up to 192 kHZ
  • Includes QuickTime™ interlock for sync-to-picture
  • • Process

  • Transparent, extended precision processing
  • Supports most AU and VST plugins
  • Includes global Sonic EQ le and Sonic EQ le Plugin
  • Includes Trio DynPEQ Dynamics EQ Plugin
  • Background iZotope 64 bit Sample Rate Conversion
  • Sonic TPDF and iZotope mBit+ re-dithering
  • Stereo bounce plus record from external
    Core Audio sources
  • • Export & Deliver

  • Use Mark Info Window for specification and creation
    of DDPs and CDRs
  • Export tracks or entire albums as AIFF or BWF
    (with metadata)
  • 10x CD-R Burn and DDP Delivery and Export
  • • Easy on your wallet

    Buy a new copy of soundBlade HD for $1995 Get Amarra ($695 value)
  • Upgrade from soundBlade 1.x for $495
  • Upgrade from PreMaster CD - $1549
  • • Power Users Tools

  • Advanced real-time fades and Edit Fade Window
  • Integrated Sample Rate Conversion :
    All sample rates accepted
  • DSD to PCM using advanced Phillips based Trellis conversion
  • Advanced 4-band Sonic EQ for ultimate in sound refinement
  • Integrated QuickTime, LTC,
  • Highest precision stereo panner and built-in Audio I/O Settings
  • Sonic Studio products are available in limited use, demonstration packages. Downloading these applications requires a valid e-mail address.