Westlake Audio
  • Studio Reference Monitors
  • BBSM Series
    -Control Room Monitors
  • BBSM-4- Portable Reference Monitor
  • BBSM-5/6- 2-way Mid-Size Monitors
  • BBSM-10/SWP- 3-way Mid-Size Monitor
  • BBSM-SWP- Subwoofer for BBSM-10
  • BBSM-15- 3-way Main Reference Monitor

  • Reference Series
    - Hi-Power, Hi-Resolution Monitors
  • TM-3- 3-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • HR-1- 4-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • SM-1- 5-way High Power Reference Monitor

  • Lc Series
    - Near/Mid-field Monitors
  • 2-way Near Field Monitors
  • 3-way Mid Field Monitors
  • Lc 24.75
    - Compact Low Profile Monitor

  • Accessories
  • - Custom Items for Westlake products

  • BBSM-4

    The BBSM-4 is a high accuracy portable reference monitor that produces a coherent soundfield, even as close as 18". It's reputation for extremely flat response and low distortion have made it a favorite with engineers the world over. Recommended applications include use as an alternative to permanently installed studio monitors, project studios, mobile recording, editing suites and broadcast on-air or production work.

    Westlake BBSM-4

    The BBSM-5 is a 2-way, medium power, phase coincident low distortion monitor with internal high level crossover. Its completely symmetrical design, compact size and wide bandwidth make it an excellent choice for multi-channel applications. Additional applications are: an alternate reference to permanently installed studio monitors, monitors for small control rooms, mobile recording, editing suites and quality control stations.

    Westlake BBSM-5

    Re-introduced in Fall 2002, this monitor had been out of production since 1996.

    The BBSM-6 is a 3-way, medium power, phase correlated monitor with an internal high level crossover. Its ability to deliver high SPL, low distortion and excellent imaging has made it the monitor of choice with engineers the world over for more than a decade. Recommended applications include main monitors for smaller control rooms, post production suites, editing suites and broadcast main monitors.

    Westlake BBSM-6

    BBSM-10 & BB10-SWP

    The BBSM-10 is a 3-way, medium power, phase coherent monitor with an internal high level crossover. Great detail combined with low distortion makes this the perfect choice for extended sessions at moderate SPL in medium sized rooms.

    Westlake BBSM-10/SWP

    The BB10-SWP is a 2 channel (stereo) subwoofer system designed for use with the BBSM-10 monitors. The subwoofers are specifically designed for operation with the BBSM-10 monitors and require no user adjustments or modifications. The subwoofer houses a 55-pound passive crossover network with a 55Hz low pass filter that produces a seamless transition from sub to mains. Once the system has been connected to appropriate amplification the user has a totally tuned and tweaked 4-way speaker system. The subwoofer enclosure is intended for use as a pedestal base for the mains.


    The BBSM-12 is a 3-way, medium/high power, phase coherent monitor with an internal high level crossover. Its ability to deliver clear, accurate sound reproduction at high energy levels is one reason this monitor has been the right choice for so many facilities. Recommended for soffit mount installations the BBSM-12 will make an excellent main monitor system for recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

    Westlake BBSM-12

    The BBSM-15 is a 3-way, medium power, phase coherent monitor with an internal high level crossover. It incorporates a horn loaded high frequency driver, which is capable of reproducing high SPL's while maintaining linear resolution, and low I.M. distortion for which the smaller BBSM series has long been recognized. Designed for soffit mounting the BBSM-15 can also be used in a freestanding application with optional pedestal stands. Other options include an enhanced performance woofer package and removable grilles.

    Westlake BBSM-15