Westlake Audio
  • Studio Reference Monitors
  • BBSM Series
    -Control Room Monitors
  • BBSM-4- Portable Reference Monitor
  • BBSM-5/6- 2-way Mid-Size Monitors
  • BBSM-10/SWP- 3-way Mid-Size Monitor
  • BBSM-SWP- Subwoofer for BBSM-10
  • BBSM-15- 3-way Main Reference Monitor

  • Reference Series
    - Hi-Power, Hi-Resolution Monitors
  • TM-3- 3-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • HR-1- 4-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • SM-1- 5-way High Power Reference Monitor

  • Lc Series
    - Near/Mid-field Monitors
  • 2-way Near Field Monitors
  • 3-way Mid Field Monitors
  • Lc 24.75
    - Compact Low Profile Monitor

  • Accessories
  • - Custom Items for Westlake products

  • Lc 3w10   10" LF, 5" MF, 3/4" HF

    The Lc 3w10 is a 3-way system that offers the user exceptionally wide bandwidth and high output in a relatively compact enclosure. The mirror-imaged cabinet configuration allows for flexibility in placement and the high level crossover network provides the user the option of either bi-amping or bi-wiring their system. Applications include small to mid-sized recording studios, broadcast control rooms, mastering suites and larger project studios. Also available in a vertical configuration.

    Lc 3w10
    Lc 3w12   12" LF, 6-1/2" MF, 1" HF

    The Lc 3w12 is a 3-way system that raises the level of performance previously available in a large bookshelf-sized monitor. Its ability to produce low frequency impact along with a highly defined midrange and a smooth top end make this the perfect main monitoring system for medium sized control rooms. A mirror-imaged array and the ability for bi-amp and bi-wire operation further compliment its performance. Also available in vertical configuration.

    Lc 3w12