Westlake Audio
BBSM Series
-Control Room Monitors
  • BBSM-4- Portable Reference Monitor
  • BBSM-5/6- 2-way Mid-Size Monitors
  • BBSM-10/SWP- 3-way Mid-Size Monitor
  • BBSM-SWP- Subwoofer for BBSM-10
  • BBSM-15- 3-way Main Reference Monitor

  • Reference Series
    - Hi-Power, Hi-Resolution Monitors
  • TM-3- 3-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • HR-1- 4-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • SM-1- 5-way High Power Reference Monitor

  • Lc Series
    - Near/Mid-field Monitors
  • 2-way Near Field Monitors
  • 3-way Mid Field Monitors
  • Lc 24.75
    - Compact Low Profile Monitor

  • Accessories
  • - Custom Items for Westlake products

  • Lc 4.75   4" LF, 3/4" HF

    The Lc 4.75 sets a new standard for "mini" monitor performance. An extremely accurate, compact, reference monitor. The Lc 4.75 is an excellent choice for digital audio workstations, mobile recording, project studios and any application where space is limited but the need for high resolution audio monitoring is required.

    Lc 4.75
    Lc 5.75   5" LF, 3/4" HF

    The Lc 5.75 is a 2-way 'mini' monitor that offers precise imaging and impressive low frequency response from a small enclosure. An ideal monitor for space sensitive environments. Applications include home studios, mobile recording studios, broadcast, post production and quality control rooms.

    Lc 5.75
    Lc 24.75   Dedicated Center Channel Speaker

    The Westlake Audio Lc24.75 monitor is designed to be used in a variety of applications;

  • A dedicated center channel, sonically matched to the Westlake Lc4.75 and Lc5.75.
  • A multi-channel L/C/R/Ls/Rs system
  • A low profile system for stereo applications.
  • Whichever the intended use the Lc24.75 delivers an impressive amount of SPL from a compact enclosure along with excellent transient response and outstanding resolution.
    Magnetically shielded/compensated drivers are standard.

    Westlake Lc2475
    Lc 6.75   6-1/2" LF, 3/4" HF

    The Lc 6.75 is a compact 2-way monitor that is ideal for applications with limited space. It provides super transient response with very good bass for its size. The aligned cabinet design helps smooth frequency response, and dual front mounted ports extend the bass response. The Lc 6.75 is also available in a shielded version for use near video monitors.

    Lc 6.75
    Lc 8.1   8" LF, 1" HF

    The Lc 8.1 is a 2-way system that offers the kind of response normally only associated with 3-way systems. The cabinet incorporates a design that improves the time/phase alignment along with dual front mounted ports for extended low frequency response. Excellent value and high performance make this an excellent choice for recording, broadcast and surround studios.

    Lc 6.75
    Lc 8.1SW   Dual 10" LF

    The Lc 8.1SW is a dedicated stereo subwoofer system for use with Westlake Lc 8.1 monitors. The system is comprised of two enclosures each housing dual 10" woofers. The cabinets also house an extensive crossover network that is tuned specifically for use with the Lc 8.1s. The system is optimized for bi-amp operation but can be powered by a single stereo amplifier. The subwoofer enclosures are also designed to act as pedestal stands for the Lc 8.1 satellite speakers.