Westlake Audio
  • Control Room Reference Monitors
  • BBSM Series
    -Control Room Monitors
  • BBSM-4- Portable Reference Monitor
  • BBSM-5/6- 2-way Mid-Size Monitors
  • BBSM-10/SWP- 3-way Mid-Size Monitor
  • BBSM-SWP- Subwoofer for BBSM-10
  • BBSM-15- 3-way Main Reference Monitor

  • Reference Series
    - Hi-Power, Hi-Resolution Monitors
  • TM-3- 3-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • HR-1- 4-way High Power Reference Monitor
  • SM-1- 5-way High Power Reference Monitor

  • Lc Series
    - Near/Mid-field Monitors
  • 2-way Near Field Monitors
  • 3-way Mid Field Monitors

  • Westlake Lc 24.75new graphic
  • Lc 24.75
    - Compact Low Profile Monitor

  • Accessories
  • - Custom Items for Westlake products

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    about the company

    Located in Newbury Park, California, Westlake has been a world leader in speaker design and production for over 25 years. Westlake monitors are the choice in more than 250 leading professional recording environments worldwide. Any substantial investment in either new room designs, or updated facilities ought to include serious consideration of any of the family of Westlake reference monitors. With a tradition of building maintenance-free studio accessories, the Westlake name is synonymous with world class studios and home systems around the globe.