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    Digital Detangler Pro Series

    Z-8.8 Digital Detangler
    z-8.8r, z-16.16r, z-32.32r and z-64.64r, z-128.128r & z-256.256r

    The digital detangler pro series is based on the same technology as the z-8.8 digital detangler, without the optical format capability (they're AES/EBU or S/PDIF only), but with the added convenience of remote/computer control.

    If you have more than a couple of pieces of digital audio gear, you've probably found that getting them all hooked up and talking to each other is no simple task. Furthermore, you've probably found that re-configuring your set-up for different users or different modes of operation can be a real nightmare. If the z-8.8 is not large enough for you or if you need the added convenience of a remote control or a Mac or Windows control interface, the digital detangler pro is the way to seamlessly integrate and re-configure your digital audio workplace.

    The digital detangler pro series offers a solution to all of these problems. Unlike the z-8.8, however, the digital detangler pros use multi-pin breakout cables for their AES/EBU connections. This is because of the high density of interconnect needed to establish up to 64 source and destination connections. The breakout cables are identical in pinout to those used by TASCAM for the DA88 eight-track DAT recorder. We supply the pinout so you can make your own cables, or we can supply you with extremely high-quality AES/EBU breakout cables.

    Hook up all of your digital audio sources and destinations to the digital detangler pro's rear panel. The connection pattern is then simply established by the touch of a few buttons on the unit's remote control or a couple of keystrokes on the computer. Furthermore, both the remote control and the computer interfaces allow the creation of multiple presets, or "salvos" which can later be recalled for instant reconfiguration on-the fly.

    As with the z-8.8, the detangler pros are fully asynchronous, which allows them to handle multiple sample rates at the same time. For the real do-it-yourselfer, we also supply the control protocol so you can build your own control interface (software or hardware). Other manufacturers have written their own control interfaces for the digital detangler pro so it can be used with their products.

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  • Brochures - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128
  • Operating Manual
  • Input and output connectors: DB25-to-XLR
    Input and output impedance: 110 ohms
    Input and output resolution, SNR, THD+N: what comes in goes out!

    Standard units are all AES/EBU. If any other configuration is needed, p[lease specify at time of order. Note, these routers do not handle the optical format due to their I/O interface connectors.