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  • OptiPatch - 64 channel Lightpipe Router
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    OptiPatch Lightpipe Routers

    Z-Systems OptiPatch

    OptiPatch™ handles multiple sets of ADAT™ Lighpipe™ format digital inputs and outputs. Although Lightpipe connections are an easy way to transfer eight channels of digital audio at a time between mixers, recorders and signals processors, patching can sometimes be a problem. OptiPatch represents an ingenious solution to Lightpipe-format patching, eliminating wear and tear on optical I/Os caused by repeated plugging and unplugging of connectors. Users can simply connect inputs to digital audio sources, and outputs to digital audio destinations, press one front-panel button and the patch is made. Up to 99 I/O routing patterns can be stored and recalled by the unit.

    Rather than constantly unplugging and re-plugging Lightpipe connections between a digital mixer, several multitrack recorders, a workstation and some outboard converters - to reconfigure the signal flow on the fly - all these devices can be connected permanently to OptiPatch and the signal flow changed at the touch of a button.

    OptiPatch The unit's rear panel features a total of 8 Lightpipe inputs and 8 Lightpipe outputs, for a total I/O capacity of 64 digital audio sources and 64 destination channels.

    OptiPatch Plus The OptiPatch+ is the same as the OptiPatch, but with 15 inputs and 15 outputs. When fully connected, the OptiPatch can serve as the central switching hub for a total of 120 input channels and 120 output channels.