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    z16.16 Digital Detangler

    Built around the same proven technology as the z-8.8 digital detangler, the z-16.16 doubles the number of inputs and outputs and adds several nice features to the core of the z-8.8. Like its smaller sibling, the z-16.16 is a digital audio distribution amplifier, patchbay, and format converter, all in an easy-to-use two rack-unit package. Like all of our other routers, the z-16.16 is fully asynchronous, allowing it to handle multiple sampling rates and wordwidths simultaneously (including 24 bits at 96 kHz). The z-16.16 is completely self contained, requiring no breakout cables or remote control interface: the jacks are on the back and the controls and display are on the front. Additionally, you can still use our Mac or PC control software or our hardware remote control with it.

    Z-8.8 Digital Detangler

    The z-16.16 offers a solution to all of the same problems that the z-8.8 can solve but gives you twice as much i/o. Perhaps most significantly, the z-16.16 can be custom-configured, just like the z-8.8. Choose from any combination of AES/EBU, coaxial S/PDIF (BNC or RCA), and optical input and output ports. All coppe input/output ports are transformer-isolated, and high-quality Scientific Conversions transformers are available for a small extra cost. A digital detangler is the ideal solution to managing the maze of digital cables and formats found in today's studios.

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  • I/O connectors:RCA or BNC,XLR, and Optical (TOSLINK)
    I/O impedance:75 ohms (coaxial) and 110 ohms (XLR)
    I/O resolution
    SNR, THD+N:
    what comes in goes out!
    z-16.16 (16.0.0)All AES/EBU on XLR
    z-16.16 (10.4.2)10-AES/EBU on XLR
    4-S/PDIF on BNC
    2-S/PDIF optical on TOSLINK
    When ordering custom configurations, specify z-16.16 (X.Y.Z) where X is the number of AES/EBU ports, Y is the number of coaxial S/PDIF ports, and Z is the number of optical ports.