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Digital Mastering Processors
Sample Rate Converters
Digital Mastering Processors

The Z-Qualizer
Z-Systems Z-Qualizer

World Class EQ : Project-Studio Budget

  • z-Q2 - Stereo digital parametric equalizer
  • Multichannel Mastering Suite
  • z-Q6 - Six channel mastering equalizer
  • z-CL6 - Six channel mastering dynamics processor
  • Detangler Series Routers
  • z-8.8 - Digital Detangler
  • z-16.16 - Digital Detangler
  • Z-Sys Detangler Detangler Pro Series Routers
  • z-16.16r - Digital Detangler Pro
  • z-32.32r - Digital Detangler Pro
  • z-64.64r - Digital Detangler Pro
  • z-128.128r - Digital Detangler Pro
  • z-256.256r - Digital Detangler Pro
  • Detangler Application Guide

    Lightpipe™ Optical Routers
  • OptiPatch - 64ch. Lightpipe Format Router
  • OptiPatch Plus - 120ch. Lightpipe Router
  • Z-Systems OptiPatch

    Sample Rate Converters
  • z-Link96 - Mini Sample Rate Converter
  • z-Link96+ - Mini Sample Rate Converter

  • z-3SRC - 24/96 Sample Rate Converter

  • z-8SRC - 8-channel 24/96 Sample Rate Converter

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    about the company

    Z-Systems specializes in digital audio interface and signal processing products for the recording, mastering, broadcast, and post-production markets. Their interface products are comprised of a variety of sample rate converters to fit different needs and budgets and several digital audio routers, switchers, distribution amplifiers, and format converters. These products are designed to simplify digital audio integration in facilities with many different digital sources and destinations which may require different interfaces and/or sample rates such as DAT machines, A/D and D/A converters, digital audio workstations, CD players and recorders, digital consoles, and outboard processors, to name but a few. Z-systems also manufactures signal processing equipment to suit the needs of mastering engineers. Our products in this arena include the z-q1 stereo digital parametric mastering equalizer, the z-q1m enhancedstereo digital parametric mastering equalizer, and the z-q6 six channel digital parametric masteringequalizer. These products represent the state-of-the-art in digital equalization, supporting 24-bit digital inputs(with optional 96 kHz processing) and providing the features and sound quality that professional mastering engineers demand.