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  • z-Q2 - Stereo digital parametric equalizer

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  • z-Q6 - Six channel mastering equalizer
  • z-CL6 - Six channel mastering dynamics processor
  • z-cl6 six-channel mastering compressor

    Z-Systems Digital Processors

    Z-Systems announces the z-Q6 / z-CL6 surround-sound mastering suite for the ultimate in surround processing. Comprised of the z-Q6 six-channel digital mastering equalizer and the z-CL6 six-channel digital dynamics processor, the z-Q6 / z-CL6 suite incorporates Z-Systems's proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, intuitive user interfaces, and the highest-quality parts.

    Product Description

    Both units feature six channels of 24-bit /96 kHz digital processing and the ability to handle multiple simultaneous sample rates and wordwidths within each channel group.

    The z-Q6 offers four bell-shaped filters and two shelving filters per channel, as well as individual channel volume offsets and a master volume control.

    The z-CL6 offers six channels of compression/limiting with variable ratio, attack, release, threshold, and make-up gains per channel. In addition, the z-CL6 features a sophisticated linking mechanism whereby the different channel groups can be custom-tailored to trigger and compress in unison or separately.

    Both the z-Q6 and the z-CL6 feature POW-r wordlength reduction and MIDI automation for snapshot automation. The z-Q6 / z-CL6 are available individually or together as a suite.

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    Inputs / Outputs:3 AES/EBU (transformer-isolated, 110-ohm terminated)
    Input/output precision:up to 24-bits
    Sample Rates:44.1, 48.0, 88.2, & 96 kHz
    Comp. Ratios:1.1:1 to 8.0:1
    Limiter ratio:100:1
    Threshold:from -95.0 dBFS to 0.00 dBFS
    Attack time:from 5.0 us to 950 ms.
    Release time:from 5.0 us to 950 ms.
    Dynamic range:better than 130 dB
    THD + Noise:less than -130 dB