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    Z-Systems z-Q2 Digital Equalizer

    Simply put, the z-Q2 is one of the finest digital equalizers money can buy. The z-Q2 combines the precision and repeatability of digital with the “openness” and “airiness” of the best analog EQs. At the heart of the z-Q2 lies a 40-bit floating-point digital signal processor running Z-Systems’ proprietary digital filtering algorithms. These algorithms are the secret to the z-Q2’s outstanding sound quality.

    Product Description

    The z-Q2 is a six-band stereo parametric equalizer that operates entirely in the digital domain. It can handle up to 24 bits at sample rates up to 96 kHz.* The z-Q2 can output 24, 20, or 16 bits and features POW-r wordlength reduction, the new industry standard.

    The z-Q2 supports both M/S (mid-side) encoding and decoding in addition to the usual stereo-linked or dual-mono operation modes. Such flexibility allows the unit to handle separate processing on the mid and side components. The z-Q2 also features MIDI system-exclusive dump-and-restore capability, which allows you to save and recall the z-Q2’s presets from a computer running any MIDI sequencing program. And the z-Q2 can be snapshot-automated using MIDI program change commands. This equalizer is very simple to operate; the large knobs sweep without glitches. The filter center-frequencies, located on a 1/6-th octave grid, provide fine control of bandwidth and gain. Unlike other digital equalizers, the z-Q2 will never sound strained or brittle, even when providing narrow-band boost or cut at the frequency extremes. Digital EQs never sounded this good!

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  • Brochure
  • Operating Manual
  • Input/output:110-ohm AES/EBU
    Presets: 80
    Bands / channel: 4 parametric, 2 shelf
    Filter type:Parametric 2nd order
    Center frequency resolution:1/6-th octave ISO centers, 28 Hz - 20 kHz
    Gain:0.1 dB steps
    Shelving Slope:6 dB/octave
    Input resolution:up to 24 bits
    Output Bit Resolution:24, 20, 16 dithered / undithered
    Dither type: modified-TPDF (proprietary)
    Dynamic range:better than 120 dB
    THD+N:better than -135 dB