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  • z-Q2 - Stereo digital parametric equalizer

  • World Class EQ : Project-Studio Budget
    Z-Systems Z-QualizerThe Z-Qualizer

    Multichannel Mastering Suite
  • z-Q6 - Six channel mastering equalizer
  • z-CL6 - Six channel mastering dynamics processor
  • The z-Qualizer

    World-class digital EQ on a project-studio budget

    Z-Systems is known throughout the pro-audio industry for manufacturing some of the industry's finest digital equalizers. The z-Q2 and z-Q6 are cherished for both their precision and analog-like sound, and have found their way into the world's top mastering studios.
    Regrettably, a Z-System EQ remains an elusive dream for many engineers because of a list price that put them out of reach. That has all changed.

    Say hello to the z-Qualizer ...

    Z-Systems Z-Qualizer

    You'll be amazed by what a world-class EQ can do for your mixes and masters. The z-Qualizer offers sonic quality far beyond what you'll find in workstations, all-in-one processing boxes, or low-end digital EQ's, at a price that fits almost any budget. Even the smallest project studio will have access to the exact same EQ algorithms that have found their way onto scores of Grammy winning recordings.

    The z-Qualizer is endowed with a wealth of features that make it ideal for mixing and mastering. It is small enough that it won't occupy excessive real estate in your rack and it's powerful enough that you'll never need another digital EQ. You'll work faster and smarter to make better sounding recordings than you ever thought possible, at a price that's simply amazing.

    Add a z-Qualizer to your arsenal and find out what some of the world's best recording and mastering engineers have come to know; nobody does DSP like Z-Systems Engineering!

    POW-r is Psychoacoustically Optimized Wordlength Reduction
    and is a trademark of the POW-r Consortium, LLC. 

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  • Operating Manual
    Input/Output Format:AES/EBU (transformer-isolated, 110-ohm terminated)
    Input/Output Precision:24-bits
    Sample Rates:Up To 192kHz
    Dynamic range:better than 135 dB
    THD + Noise:less than -130 dB
    Gain & Filters:Wide variability of center frequency, gain, and bandwidth with overlapping filter bands
    40-bit floating point implementation
    Dither:TPDF and POW-r*  wordlength reduction to 16, 20 or 24 bits